Changes In Rails 2 3

This page shows changes in Rails 2.3 that affect the sample code in the book. As page numbers in the paper and PDF copies differ, this information is organized first by section number, then it lists both page numbers, paper copy first.

8.1 Sessions

  • Page 99/107: the line to uncomment in environment.rb now looks as follows:
    • ActionController::Base.session_store = :active_record_store
  • Page 100/107: The setup is now done in config/initializers/session_store.rb
  • Page 100/108: there no longer is a need to uncomment out the :secret parameter in application.rb (which is now named application_controller.rb)

8.3 Iteration C2: Creating a Smarter Cart

  • Page 106/114: Immediately after calling rake db::sessions::clear (i.e., before any other access to the web server that might create a session), the server needs to be restarted.

8.5 Iteration C4: Finishing the Cart

  • Page 114/122: After adding the implementation of the total_price method, I found that I had to restart the server in order for this change to be picked up.

11.1 Iteration F1: Adding Users

  • Page 158/164: The preferred way to order the users returned in the index is now:
    • @users = User.all(:order => :name)

11.3 Iteration F3: Limiting Access

  • Page 166/172: application.rb is now application_controller.rb

11.4 Iteration F4: A Sidebar, More Administration

  • Page 168/174: application.rb is now application_controller.rb

13.1 Iteration I1: Enabling Translation

  • Page 190/196: application.rb is now application_controller.rb
  • Page 200/205: error messages are double escaped. Bug 2409

14.3 Functional Testing of Controllers

  • Page 221/226: application.rb is now application_controller.rb

16.9 Unicode support

  • Page 283/287: name.chars.reverse is now name.mb_chars.reverse
  • Page 284/288: is now (twice on this page)

21.2 Routing Requests

  • Page 424/428: add the following as the first action after starting script/console:
    • ActionController::Base.session_store = nil

21.4 Testing Routing

  • Page 455/459: the excerpt in the book doesn't show it, but if you download routing_conditions_test.rb and wish to execute it, you will need to add require "config/routes_with_conditions.rb" to the beginning of config/routes.rb. After this is done, you can remove the setup method entirely from RoutingTest as it is unnecessary.

23.11 Adding New Templating Systems

  • Page 557/560: the render method in RDocTemplate now needs to have two parameters, thus:
    • def render(template, local_assigns = {})
  • Page 558/560: application.rb is now application_controller.rb
  • Page 559/562: the same change needs to be made to the render function in EvalTemplate too
  • Page 559/562: remove call to :evaluate_assigns
  • Page 559/563: the line that starts with template.locals.each now looks as follows:
    • local_assigns.each do |key, value|

25.3 Testing E-mail

26.2 Show Me the Code!

  • Page 628/630: application.rb is now application_controller.rb
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